Invivo Biosciences LLC is providing you the best quality microbial products made from natural and safe strains of selected bacteria. Additionally, a certificate of analysis is provided with each shipment. Today, we are an ISO:9001 company with twenty years of microbial fermentation and product development experience.

Consequently, we have a team of professionals and experts in their subjects. Our experts have extensive experience with microbes’. We strongly believe in providing quality products to our valuable customers. Furthermore, our priority is to save environmental heath along with all species that exist on land. Our solutions are more sustainable, reliable, and eco-friendly. 

Invivo Quality

Invivo experts, researchers, and specialists check every product with an extensive array of quality-control tests and give it the approval for use. Moreover, we are world-class leaders in fermentation and product formulation with thirty years of experience to meet any of your distinctive product needs. 

Invivo’s 100% natural probiotic feed additives contain selected strains of bacteria. As well as these bacteria are capable to reduce and control intestinal imbalances in livestock- including swine, dairy, and poultry- resulting in healthier and more marketable animals. Additionally, Invivo’s microbes resist high temperatures, high pressures, and acidic and alkaline conditions.

The production of intra- and extracellular protein enzymes is possible by using Bacillus megatarium. Invivo is providing quality assurance solutions to your problems with reliable and magical results. We are the right partners who can meet your need

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