Invivo Biosciences LLC specialize in creating microbial products from safe and natural strains of bacteria. Our services have been well-recognized by international certifications. We are certified ISO:9001 microbial company with almost 20 years of microbial fermentation and product development service.

Invivo Quality
Quality Control Mechanism
Invivo’ s researchers and technicians examine microbial products to remove any contamination. These quality-control tests are performed against Yeasts, E. coli, Staphylococcus, and Listeria. Afterwards, these microbes are then placed in monthly stability program to assess their stability and growth performance. This final microbial product is passed through multistage anti-contamination process.
Quality Oriented Customer Service
Invivo strongly believes in providing quality microbial products to our valuable customers. Therefore, an approved certificate of analysis is provided with each shipment.
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