Global shortages in seafood resources have driven the growth of aquaculture as an economic activity. As a consequence of space and resource constraints, traditional aquaculture has been intensified into reticulated systems with high stocking densities of the cultured species . This results in an artificial environment that has a propensity for supporting the growth of pathogenic bacteria and the accumulation of waste metabolites in aquaculture systems. The indiscriminate release of spent aquaculture wastes into surrounding environments is also problematic.

Bio Agriculture

At Invivo, we believe that microbes and plants are intimate partners in virtually every life processes. So, it’s a probiotic in plant science. These biological products are effective, eco-friendly, cost-effective for the farmers. Invivo is committed to be the agricultural input industries preferred provider of Microbial based crop protection inputs, growth enhancement and soil health improvement products. Invivo relies on ‘Innovating safe and sustainable biological solutions for improving livelihood of farmers’.


Institutional / Industrial

Reducing organics and odors on your surfaces, fabrics and other areas can be challenging. Let Invivo customize a formula for your target application

animal nutrition

Animal Nutrition / Pet Health

Direct- Fed Microbials, when used as a feed supplement, can improve overall animal health by improving the quantity of good bacteria present in the gut. These specially selected strains of bacteria were selected for their abilities to produce high levels of beneficial enzymes including; alpha amylase, cellulase, and protease. They also:



Wastewater treatment facilities test for COD, BOD, TSS, Ammonia, Nitrite and much more. Maintaining the right water treatment chemistries can keep you in compliance and running smoothly. Biological products reduce costs, maximize system efficiency and help maintain compliance with state and federal laws.

pond lake

Pond / Lake

Lakes are open systems and capture tons of organic material including trash, run-off, airborne debris, and algae. Most of the lake pollution occurs from human activity. Invivo has designed proprietary formulas to work quickly to digest bottom muck and odor, remove suspended organic debris within the water column and reduce nutrient loading that causes algal blooms. In addition, our products function on a microscopic level to remove the by-products of the larger issues; ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and phosphorous to ensure the larger problem will not return.

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