Invivo Wastewater

Targeted removal of phenolic compounds. Invivo Wastewater contains a phenol-degrading blend of bacteria with high biodegradation activity, together with a high tolerance of these artificial mono-aromatic compounds for application to waste water and industrial effluents containing phenol, cresols and related aromatic compounds. These strains contain vegetative and spore forming bacterial strains capable of utilizing aerobic and facultative metabolic pathways, and can grow aerobically at elevated concentrations of phenols, allowing for a stable re-enforcement of biomass within the system.

MARKET APPLICATIONS: Wastewater, Petrochemical Plants, Textile Plants

  • Improved waste system stability and reduced frequency of upsets
  • Reduced effluent organics and reduced municipal surcharges and enhanced flocculation in activated sludge
  • Rapid recovery from load- related and toxic upsets and quality rapid new plant, seasonal or maintenance start- ups
  • Rapid recovery from toxic shocks caused by phenol and related compounds
  • Reduces the inhibitory effects of phenolic compounds and degrades various halo- substituted aromatics

Invivo Wastewater should not be stored in direct sunlight or in temperatures in excess of 120°F.Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for proper handling procedures.

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