Invivo is here to provide you nontoxic and sustainable environmentally safe solutions. We are here to help you remove organics and odors on your surfaces fabrics, pet, stains, household, bathroom, garage and other desired areas. Our products are a complete line of eco-friendly solutions.

Our team are experts in microbial household and industrial cleaning formulas. Our industrial cleaners are well known for their distinctive capabilities to deep clean and aromatize all kinds of hard and soft surfaces. It includes fabrics, furniture, floors, food preparation surfaces, grease traps, drain lines, urinals, toilets and driveways.

Our products

  • Invivo septic and drain tablets
  • HypoClenz HS

The stated products are prepared to improve liquefaction and digestion of grease, fats, oils and a wide range of organics in drains and septic tanks. HypoClenz HS is a deep cleaning cleanser that helps you remove the viral, bacterial, and mold substrates. Septic and drain tablets incorporate a synergistic blend of micro-organisms enzymes and micronutrients in combination with oxygen boosting agents. These oxygen boosting agents function as a biological catalyst and growth stimulant to increase biological performance.

We believe in a complete industrial solution for removing stains, odor, and other organics. Our products cover certain major areas like hard surfaces, drains, and cleaners. Hard surfaces contain floors, urinals, food preparation services, and others. Drains comprise of disposals and grease traps. Cleaners’ covers odor and stain removal from fabric, carpets, floors, and other stuff.


  • It’s an eco-friendly, safer, non-toxic, and sustainable solution.
  • It’s safe and effective for daily use.
  • These are low cost formulas and products to use on an industrial and domestic level.
  • Retail private label solutions.
Reducing organics and odors on your surfaces, fabrics and other areas can be challenging. Let Invivo customize a formula for your target application

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