Bio Agriculture

A rich fertile and biologically active soil is essential to build a sustainable agricultural system. Invivo’s experts believe that biological products are more industrialized¬† helpful eco-friendly and cost-effective for formers. We designed specific soil strains to improve soil fertility increase plant health and growth and provide a cleaner larger yield for harvest.

Our experts believe that microbes and plants are the major allies in almost every life process. Invivo is committed to providing agricultural input industries preferred provider of microbial-based crop protection inputs better growth and increased soil fertility products. We rely on introducing safe and sustainable biological solutions.



We believe that microbes and plants are intimate partners in virtually every life process. Hence it is probiotic in plant science as well. Crop soil has no natural ability to replace nutrients and sometimes overharvesting condensed many fields functionally unable to support new crops.

Invivo microbes can improve soil pore space, which allows for a more biodiverse soil fix nitrogen nutrient circulation and increase soil fertility. Some selected agricultural strains are chooses according to their ability to thrive in the root zone of plants, are responsible for the breakdown of organics quickly and synthesize the required nutrients more efficiently.


Microbes help plants by improving the availability of crop nutrients enhancing plant's root growth, and neutralizing toxic compounds in soil. It also facilitates plants in improving resistance against diseases deterring pathogens and mitigates abiotic stress. 


  • It helps to increase nutrient solubility
  • Increase soil fertility
  • Improves plant’s growth and health
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Soil remediation and restoration
  • Improve resistance against diseases
  • More bio-diverse soil for feasible farming
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