Bacillus megatarium

Bacillus megatarium Spray-dried powder.

A spore-forming bacterium found in soil, seawater, sediments, rice paddies, dried food, honey, and milk. 

Free of other bacterial or fungal contaminants. A certificate of analysis is provided with each shipment.

Color: Tan to brown

Bacillus megatarium is an industrial organism. Further, it produces enzymes, like amylase, used in the baking industry, and glucose dehydrogenase, used in glucose blood tests.

 It is used for producing intra- and extracellular protein synthesis.

You can use the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus Megatarium for the production and secretion of recombinant proteins.

Characteristics: Gram-positive motile spore-forming rods; aerobic; growth at a wide pH range 5.5-8.5; high salt tolerance up to 3%; temperature range 10-50°C.

pH range: 4.5 – 8.5

Temperature range: 10-45°C (optimal near 37°)

Enzymes produced: Protease (Strong), Xylanase (Strong), Pectinase (Strong), Cellulase (Average), Lipase (Average), Phytase (Average), Urease (Strong).

Application: Direct Fed Microbial, Aquaculture, Pet health/nutrition, Wastewater, Pond/Lake, Bio-cleaning, Agriculture, Lagoons.

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