Global shortages in seafood resources have driven the growth of aquaculture as an economic activity. As a consequence of space and resource constraints, traditional aquafarming has been intensified into reticulated systems. With high stocking densities of the cultured species. This results in an artificial environment. That has a propensity for supporting the growth of pathogenic bacteria. And the accumulation of waste metabolites in aquaculture systems. The indiscriminate release of spent aquaculture wastes into surrounding environments is also problematic. As well as more details click on the video.

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Aquaculture System

Invivo solutions are primarily working on the development of natural products to treat un-natural aquatic problems. An artificial environment is supposed to create. So, to support the growth of pathogenic bacteria and the accumulation of waste metabolites in the aquaculture system. Consequently bacterial pathogens make the water quality poor and increase the mass mortality rate.


Invivo is responsible for developing the blends of bacteria and enzyme products for treating aqua-culture ponds. These blends work to remove waste build-up and inhabit pathogens such as Vibro and white spots. Besides in any closed aquatic system, the stability of water quality is a fundamental factor. So, Unhealthy water is one of the major causes of the decreasing growth and increased mortality rate. Futher more Invivo’s strains of beneficial bacteria desirably increase the health conditions naturally and efficiently.


Hence, useful micro-organisms play many roles in pond culture and aqua-culture. Bacterial additives improve water quality, reduce pathogenic load and mortality rate. The strains of micro-organisms’ blend formulated to be multi-functional. Bacillus bacteria can be used as a cleaning powder and also added to food as a probiotic. So, Probiotics are useful to digest food and are responsible for the increased weight gain as well as health and survival ratio.


  • Increase growth and survival rate
  • As well as Helpful to digest food completely
  • Bacterial additives improve water quality
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Helps to control vibrio and white spot (inhibit pathogens)


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