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World-class leaders in fermentation and product formulation.We have over 30 years of experience to meet any of your unique product needs.

We the microbial wizard Invivo Biosciences LLC are a world-class leader in fermentation and product formulation. Furthermore About we believe in supplying high-quality microbial culture. We have over thirty years of experience to meet any of your unique product needs. Hence, we work on selected strains of 100% natural bacteria to provide sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

Moreover, the best platform where Microbial magic occurs. Along with this we have been the supply partner to a host of organizations in various markets Aquaculture, Bio-agriculture, Industrial, Waste water, Animal nutrition and Pond and lake. We have built a solid reputation of trust and quality to fulfill the needs of our valuable customers.


Hence our researchers specialists and experts worked very hard by using their knowledge and experience to provide you to give best solutions to your problems. That is why today we are an ISO:9001 company with twenty years of microbial fermentation and product development experience.

Consequently let’s see the facts which make us the best partner for you our magic strands with the isolation of BSL-1 microbe from the soil and water. After completing this process our experts send the isolated colonies to our partners for DNA analysis. When we get it back, now it’s the time to choose the best-isolated strain and screen them for enzymes, antibiotic susceptibility and coaggregation properties. Hence this is an addition to other proprietary tests we must perform.
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After completing, the process of testing, now it’s time for fermentation. Fermentation works firstly we grow the best microbes on pantry dishes and keep them in their colony. After this Invivo experts transfer this colony into a large flask to start the process of scaling. The fermentation process continues in the flask and once the cultures turned into the logarithmic phase then transferred into the fermenter.


As fermentation is one of the most crucial steps so it needs a lot of attentions. In this phase, we monitor culture for dissolved oxygen, pH, and optical Density. After that, we perform a visual microscopic check to ensure the proper growth of microbes. Once the culture is fully populated it is centrifuged and run through a spray dryer.

Now it’s time for quality control. At this stage our QC department takes responsibility and performs very stranger tests to ensure the culture is free from all sources of contamination. Some of the tests performed are Yeast or Molds E.coli Staphylococcus Listeria Spore counts and about other similar microbes. After passing these tests microbes are placed in our monthly stability program to ensure the stability of counts when blended into our high-performing products.

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