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Invivo Biosciences LLC; is among one of the biosphere’s leading microbial wizards. We are experts in providing industrial solutions, providing technical and microbiological expertise. Furthermore, Invivo Biosciences; helps you with specific site application and the formulation of general label application rates. Specifically, we deal in aquaculture, bio-agriculture, industrial, animal nutrition, wastewater, and ponds.

AQUACULTURE: Our experts will help you; to develop the probiotic bacteria accordingly, to flourish the aquaculture system. 

BIO-AGRICULTURE: Our experts believe that_ microbes and plants are the main allies in almost every life process. Invivo is willing to provide you agricultural input. It’s is the industry’s preferred provider of microbial-based crop protection inputs, better growth, and increased soil fertility products. We rely on introducing safe and sustainable biological solutions. 

INDUSTRIAL: Invivo customizes a formula to reduce organics and odors on your surfaces, fabrics, and other desired areas using Invivo septic and drain tablets and Hypoclenz HS formula.

WASTEWATER: Our biological products reduce costs, improves system efficiency, and helps you maintain compliance; with state and federal laws. Invivo’s products, Invivo wastewater and, Invivo elixir old help with all your wastewater needs. 

POND AND LAKE: Ponds and lakes are endangered, because of their small volume and less depth, as well as due to surface water pollution unhygienic. Therefore, Invivo has designed proprietary formulas; to work rapidly to digest bottom waste and odor, and also remove suspended organic remains within the water column. Consequently, our products remove the by-products like; ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and phosphorus too. 

ANIMAL NUTRITION: Invivo is providing; animal nutrition, according to a health point of view. It maintains competitive exclusion; by improving the number of good bacteria present in the gut. For this purpose, some selected strains of bacteria choose to examine according to their abilities, as well as produce good quality beneficial enzymes; for example, alpha-amylase, cellulase, and protease.

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